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Limited Warranty for Advertising only when a specific notification is made before the date of transaction and if the period of restriction is the same as the date of the transaction the warranty will be non-existent. By means of Restricted Advertising, or the demise of an account can’t be refused arbitrarily.

Accounts with warranty policies 1-to-1 exchange if the first time you log in with the wrong password. No guarantee in the event of logging in and altering the account and causing it to be deleted.

The warranty is valid for up to 24 hours from the moment you receive the invitation email from Business Manager under the condition you do not have any additional cards or do not have an account for advertising. Business Manager has an account for advertising without warranty, in the event that the ad account contains an ADD card or drafts camp. For other forms such as the expired Link, BM loses verifying their warranty for business for up to one hour. Be sure to check it out after purchasing it. Because , prior to purchase we’ve thoroughly checked before we deliver it to you.

If you are buying accounts, login to all accounts and check the passwords, and checkpoint. Any defect that occur after 24 hours of purchase without checking, our company is not responsible.

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