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What is a Verified Business Manager, and what are its benefits? (A Complete Guide)

Do you still manage your Facebook Pages or ad account for your business via your personal account? Sharing login details could lead to severe privacy and security issues. It can also be exhausting to assign roles and add people to a Facebook Ads Page manually. 

Businesses and agencies should use the Facebook Ads business manager to manage all their Facebook pages and ad campaigns from one place.

If you haven’t yet used the Facebook Business Manager, you’re in luck, as it can seem confusing or terrifying. This article will provide a detailed guide to the Facebook Business Manager and how it can help your business. So Let’s get started.

Facebook Ads Business Manager

As the name implies, the Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows users to manage multiple Facebook pages, business assets, ad accounts, ad campaigns, and Instagram accounts and product lists from one place.

You can also grant access to specific team members depending on their roles. You can easily delegate tasks among multiple employees.

Agency users can link multiple clients Facebook Pages with your Facebook Business Manager account. This is possible without linking your own personal Facebook accounts or the personal Facebook accounts of your employees.

For businesses, this means that employees can manage your Facebook Page. However, they do not have to own the assets or Page.

Business Manager Verification

  • Verifying a Facebook Business Manager account means a specific business owns this account.
  • To verify your business, You just need to do the following steps.

Link your Facebook Page.

 Link your ad account

  • Proof of identity.
  • Information about your business and legal details.
  • Evidence of access to that business (Text or email verification)
  • Now you can add users to the Business Manager account

Verified Facebook Ads Business Manager’s Top benefits

You now know the basics of Verified Facebook Business Manager. Let’s now highlight some of the top benefits.

  1. Business Managers can separate your personal and business profiles. This will allow you to no longer worry about privacy concerns and accidentally post things meant for your personal profile to your Facebook Page.
  2. Manage multiple Facebook Ad Accounts and Facebook Pages from one place. This gives you one place to manage all of your Facebook ads and performances. It also makes it easier for you to sort your work.
  3. Share access securely with multiple people. Without granting them ownership of your business assets, you can grant access to partners, agencies, and vendors.
  4. Based on their job, you can limit the access that each employee has. This allows you to simplify assigning tasks and monitoring what your employees do without worrying about security.
  5. You can easily revoke access to people who are no longer working for you. Because Personal Profiles don’t tie to clients’ or your own Facebook Pages, it’s simple to keep a current roster in Business Manager.
  6. Business Managers can create different custom audiences for various advertising campaigns. This is especially useful for agencies who have to run ads on multiple clients and Facebook Ads for businesses that target different audiences.

Who Needs Verified Business Managers?

A Facebook Business Manager account doesn’t have to be required if you own a small business and manage your social accounts. You should have one if you are:

  • A businessman with a team managing your marketing or your social presence.
  • Vendors can help you manage your Facebook Page, but you don’t have to give up all your assets.
  • You work as an agency that manages several Facebook or Instagram Pages.
  • You need to manage who has access and permissions to your Facebook Page. Additionally, you don’t want employees or agencies to take over the ownership of your business assets.

Nowadays, so many companies like The Fb Store are selling Facebook Accounts and already Verified Business Managers (Single Accounts or Accounts in bulk), which makes a businessman’s life hassle-free. Now you can concentrate on your business more instead of spending too much time on the Verification of Business Manager.

What are the benefits of buying a verified business manager from The FB Store?

  1. These Verified Business Managers can be used with an attached Facebook account. These Facebook accounts have been verified by the USA, UK and Asian Countries.
  2. It is possible to use the Unlimited spending limit per day without difficulty. This is because these are Verified Business Managers.
  3. You don’t need to warm up. It’s already verified so that you can spend your first time up to $250 to unlimited.
  4. If there is a problem with your Business Manager, we will fix it. We aim to have it replaced within 24 hours.
  5. These Business Managers will not be blocked because a USA phone number has verified the account.

What can I do to use My Business Manager without being banned?

  1. It is best to use a VPN/VPS for verified Business Managers and Facebook Ads Accounts.
  2. A temporary credit card is required if your credit card is already being used by another Business Manager. It will be safe for the verified Business Managers if you use a different credit card.
  3. For every new BM, you will need a unique IP. You also need to delete cookies from your browser. You need to clean up all the data that Facebook stores on your computer.
  4. For Verified Business Managers, the VPS will always be safe. A VPS is recommended for Business Managers.

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